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I won't spout too much text here, this is mainly for the photos. But I must say that I really enjoyed this ride and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind some challenging climbs. It's fair to say you are heartily rewarded by the stunning views, joyful descents and the helpful and efficient controls. Of particular note was the food service at Tregaron Bowls club. It might've only been beans on toast, a jacket potato or rice pudding, but the friendly helpers served it so quickly we barely had time to find a seat. This is no doubt part of the reason why some of us managed to complete the ride fairly quickly. I was about half an hour quicker than my last 300, The Dean, despite nearly 1000m more climbing. We were also lucky with the weather, there was a little drizzle, but the gentle tail wind on the way home made a real difference climbing the Elan valley. In previous years they've had snow. First control, Shobdon airfield. Second control, Builth Wells, where a well-meaning passer-by warned me that my belgian bun had more than 500 calories! Tom and Rich, whom I rode and chatted with for a while. Gentle climb along a drover's road along the Irfon valley leading up to the Devil's Staircase. The start of the Devil's Staircase climb. Actually steep enough to look steep. The first two hairpins - "It's shorter round the inside!" Third, fourth hairpin...? I'm losing track by now. PeeJay nearing the top... Finally down the other side. Delightful descent towards Tregaron. Hopefully that's Tregaron... Mines, sorry can't remember what they're called. Oh good, it is Tregaron. Looking back down the quiet Elan Valley, with a lovely tailwind. Final photo before the light fades. Top of the Long Mynd, about to descend through Picklescott.

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Mugshot of James cycling on a road in the sunshine.

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