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This is my plan for the next stage of the Trans Pyrenees Race. It takes me from CP3 at Os de Civis through CP4 at Coustouge to Parcours5 and the active control at the Phare du cap Bear on the Mediterranean coast.

From here on I'm not completely sure what day I'll be where, so the stages will be more fluid.

CP3 to CP4

From Os de Civis, there aren't many options. It's South East through Andorra. This is downhill for quite some way, so progress should be swift.

We won't be in Andorra for long though as we head South back into Spain and back to La Seu d'Urgell and East along a valley that rises gently for 60km.

Probably the last big route dilemma

Here there's an option to head South East into Spain and shave off some 12km. The downside is that this route includes a few off-road tracks and an extra 760m of climbing, so I'm chosing a more Northern route through France. On the map this does take a bit of a dog-leg which is off-putting, however it does look like the most efficient route.

Another advantage of this route is it looks like there are several larger towns in which I could restock. There is a lot less climbing overall on this section so I hope it'll be easier than other stages.

To Coustouges

After following this valley all the way to Lake Vinca, I turn South East and over a relatively small climb into the Tech valley. This meanders South before another gentle climb to passive (unmanned) CP4 at Coustouges. I'll be checking that my GPS tracker is working as I pass through.

We need to make it to Coustouges by 9am on Monday, so if I don't get there on Sunday evening, I'll need to be sure my hotel is close enough and has an early check-out time.

To Parcours5

From Coustouges we cross the border one last time into Spain and head mostly downhill through small towns on a good road, before a long gentle climb back to France and Parcours5. This is a very wiggly route to the coast which should offer plenty of views of the sea and possibly the lighthouse for which we're headed.

We need to get there by 6pm on Monday.

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