5:30am start
Stoke lane, Bushley
15mins in. Everyone looking keen.
A good sized group.
Pacing themselves at the back.
Crossing the Wye near Symmonds Yat.
I shamelessly sucked this chap's wheel leaving Monmouth. Thank you!
Near Talybont-on-Usk
Approaching Talybont-on-Usk
Climbing the back roads out of Brecon we were treated to this view.
Lunch in Llandovery. It did cause some discomfort later on, but that's better than fatigue.
Ian Hennesey after Llandovery
James and Ian climb towards Llyn Brianne
Lynn Brianne with its long winding shoreline.
Llyn Brianne
The road on the opposite hill looks close, but first it meanders around the lake for a few km.
Nant-y-moch dam
Nant-y-moch reservoir
Ceulan valley. Another great, if gravelley descent coming up!
Needed to take a careful line due to gravel down the middle of the road.
A tedious climb, but looking back, a nice view of Llyn Mwyngill
Cows in the Mawddach estuary
Estuary on the approach to Barmouth
Great, I found a dragon. In Barmouth. This theatre provided a room for us to eat soup and chat for a bit.
Sunset over Porthmadog. Last photo of the day.
Sunday, shortly after 6am. Looking back on the sleepy town of Llanrwst.
It's 6:30am and after a long climb this view over Snowdonia was appreciated.
Cool, peaceful valley south of Bala
Hirnant Pass. An intimidating-looking climb to reach the highest point on the ride at 499m.
For some reason, despite reaching 18%, I didn't find it as hard as some of the later climbs.
A short, but well-earned break at Lake Vernwy, where the road was wonderfully flat.
The dam at Lake Vernwy
Lake Vernwy, looking North. By this stage I realised I had to stop taking so many photos if I was going to make the arrivee on time.
One of many climbs between Newton and Knighton which I found surprisingly-hard.
Ledbury, nearly half 5.
Stopped time and overall Avg will be wrong as I turned it off at controls. Still, 1hr30 taking photos, removing clothes and moistening hedgerows is a lot! Amazed to have 3/4 battery - go Eneloops!
The entire route, thanks to some GPX-cut/paste and Strava.


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