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Dear Michelle,

I'm writing to ask you to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. The details of this are explained at: https://www.ceebill.uk/

“This Bill outlines the path needed to avoid the catastrophe outlined by the United Nations... it is farsighted aiming to protect those at risk now and in the future.”

It is the most basic and fundamental responsibility of the government to protect their citizens from harm. This bill provides a clear path forwards on this difficult problem. I believe concerted effort and new thinking is required if we are to stand a chance of protecting ourselves, our children and future generations.

You may respond that you are unable to act due to your role or your party and the rules which they impose. But if you are truly powerless to support this I wonder in what sense you can represent your constituents, rather than your party.

I urge you to give this serious consideration, to do the right thing to protect and conserve life. I believe those who support this bill will find themselves on the right side of history.

Yours sincerely,

James Bradbury

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