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Cycling UK, formerly known as the CTC recently put together the King Alfred's Way route. This doesn't involve a lot of new signs marking the trail, but a webpage and map showing the way. It takes in the already popular Ridgeway and South Downs Way routes and links them up with smaller, local routes and some mostly quiet roads.

As you can see from our photos, we had a lot of rain on one day, so decided to stay in pubs and hotels all of whom were helpful with bike storage, though we did ask in advance.

James and Nick with bikes and cycling clothing on a wooden bridge Not long after the start, when we were still clean and travelling through some very well-kept villages

Nick riding away from our view through wet woodland It got rainy and in places, muddy. Luckily we had the time to take it slowly.

A large murky puddle with rain still falling heavily into it stretches across the road and for at least 40 metres ahead I said to Nick "we might be able to ride through it". He tried. Far too deep and he fell off soaking him and his luggage. Would've been fair enough if he'd yelled at me, but I think he said "Yeah, that's not ideal". I think this is why he fits in so well in Britain.

Path through wet woodland with bright sky showing ahead. Even in the rain, this is beautiful and peaceful.

Another path through dry woodland with a mix of trees Not technical, not boring, just peaceful and interesting.

Open air shop display with meat, bread, cheese and snacks A lucky find. We happened upon this well-stocked little shop in a small village along the way.

James biting open the top of a muddy cycling bottle Is the bottle hygienic? Probably not. Am I thirsty? Yes!

Signpost showing ridgeway byway and public road with wet grasses The ridgeway was a more familiar part of the route.

Nick and James astride bikes in front of large brick building At the finish. Damp and smelly, but feeling good.

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Photo credit: Nick Lyons and James Bradbury
Mugshot of James cycling on a road in the sunshine.

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