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I've had some very occasional crashes with my PC a self-built Intel i7 system. These happened in both Linux and Windows, suggesting that it was a hardware issue. I checked and regularly saw temperatures in excess of 80 degrees C, which apparently is way too hot. When it occasionally gets even higher the CPU shuts down to prevent damage. Sensible, but annoying.

So recently I took the plunge* into water cooling with the simple, self-contained H60 system from Corsair.

Corsair H60 water coolingI'm really pleased with the results. It's also really satisfying to be able to measure the difference so easily.

Win7, launching L4D2 with stock cooler. Win7, launching L4D2 with stock cooler.   L4D2_Temps_WC Win7, launching and playing L4D2 with H60 water cooler. * - pun intended.  :-)

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