I direct recruitment agents to this page when they fail to read my profile specifying my job location requirements or perhaps they read it but thought it didn’t matter.

Maybe it would be nicer if I took the time to respond to each agent personally explaining my job requirements. The reason I don’t is because I get a large number of messages from people suggesting jobs in locations which are unsuitable for me. The agents suggesting these jobs would know where I am willing to work if they’d spent about a minute reviewing my LinkedIn profile or “message to recruiters”.

So why don’t they?

My guess is that they want to save themselves time.

Perhaps it is easier to grab a list of names of “open” “Python” candidates from LinkedIn and send them all the same personal-sounding message,

“Hi [Name],
I was really impressed with your career experience and thought you’d be a great match for this job”, etc.

Presumably, no reading of career experience has been done by the agent and the only matching which happened was done by LinkedIn’s search tools. If the agent had done any of this, they’d also have seen that the job they’ve suggested is unworkable for the candidate.

They’ve spent barely a few seconds per candidate. How much of my time do they deserve in return?

So recruitment agents let the candidates do the filtering of which jobs are relevant. This scattergun approach makes work for candidates. Often a lot of work. It’s not a single recruitment agent doing this, but hundreds. So perhaps they can understand us getting fed up with it.

The whole point of having all that detail on a LinkedIn profile is so that you don’t have to explain it to every person who might contact you. If a recruiter ignores it, they are not networking or “reaching out”, they are spamming you.

Like all forms of spam, it continues because the cost of doing it is low and the payout from the few times it works is high enough. If candidates ignore an irrelevant message the recruiter loses nothing, but the time of countless candidates is wasted, their concentration broken for nothing.

So I think it’s not enough to ignore recruiter spam. I now mute/block recruiters who do this either on LinkedIn or via email.

Sure, I may miss out on later, more relevant opportunities the agent might send out. But remember this is an agent who’s already let me know that they don’t value my time and can’t or won’t do simple research for themselves. It’s a red flag. Even if they did find me a great-sounding opportunity, they’re probably going to waste my time in other ways, for example, by sending me to interviews for jobs I don’t have much hope of getting.

In short, they’re not the kind of person I’d want to work with.


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