I’ve done a lot of challenging bike rides over the last few years, and often the organisers are collecting for Macmillan or a local charity, so everyone throws a few coins in, but that’s not the main aim of the event, just a nice side-effect.

But on Saturday 20th June, I’m planning a new individual challenge to raise money for Wheels for Wellbeing. I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy the many benefits of cycling regularly and I believe that feeling of freedom and wellbeing should be available to everyone, regardless of ability. Not only that, but I think exercise has the potential to dramatically improve people’s lives. Wheels For Wellbeing provide opportunities and bikes for people who might otherwise find cycling impossible. Have a look at their website.

Bowden hill climb
Bowden hill climb 124m in 1.9km (1.1miles, 406feet)

The challenge is to climb Bowden Hill, near Lacock, Wiltshire, 72 times. As it’s 124m up, that adds up to 8848m of climbing. This is the height of Everest from sea level, so is called “Everesting“. I’ve never tried that before, but I like climbing hills and there’s a pretty good view from the top.

Looking down Bowden hill
Actually not quite the top, but nearly.

Not that I can hang around. I think it’ll take 15 to 18 hours to complete the challenge, including breaks for food, comfort and maybe a change of shorts. Like all the best challenges, I’m not 100% sure I can do it, but I’m going to have a pretty good go!

So what do I want from you? Your money, obviously.  🙂

But apart from that, I’d love it if you visited Lacock on the 20th June to support me, fill water bottles, or just sit in the pub and cheer/laugh every time I grovel my way up the slope!

Rising Sun Pub
The Rising Sun, Bowden Hill, near Lacock.

Oh yes, didn’t I mention? There’s a pub. In fact there are two. Interested now?

Seriously though, some company would be great and if anyone would like to join me for a climb or two, or more, they’d be more than welcome. I won’t be going fast. This won’t be some out-of-the-saddle power-fest, I’ll be twiddling away in my lowest gear, just getting up and down safely as many times as possible. Hopefully before the sun sets at around half 9.




  1. Count me in champ. I’ll bring my bike and do some climbs with you. Won’t be everesting though sure the wife will do a few climbs too

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