I recently volunteered for a few days at the Thirsk Control for London Edinburgh London. I put up banners, sorted out chargers for riders GPSs and phones, found beds for people, served food, fixed bikes and marshalled people into the control. It was tiring, but with a great bunch of people to work with it was also good fun.

Here are a few of my photos.

Lego ginger cat
Siobhan’s cat
Light green bags with LONDON EDINBURGH LONDON 2017 written on them
The bag drop has landed
Pens, space blankets, banners, signs, torches, etc laid out on a desk
A wide variety of kit is needed to run the control
LEL 2017 banner on school gate
Banners to guide the riders in
James standing in front of two LEL banners
Proud of my handiwork!
USB chargers on table.
Lots of charging for GPS and phones
Metal barriers in the car park
Parking for hundreds of bikes
School gym with mattresses laid out
A few beds in the overflow hall
Large school sports hall with many mattresses ready
160 more beds in the main hall
Three audax riders arriving at Thirsk school
An early group arrive before dark on Sunday
Boy on mountain bike
Not an audaxer
Woman on shopping bike with basket.
Also not an audaxer, but it’s hard to tell from a distance, OK?
Volunteers in school corridor
Edwin and Kate doing sleep running
Bikes parked at night
Plenty of bikes making use of the parking facilities
Volunteers in canteen
James and James learning how to serve food – it’s harder than it looks.
Pasta, Rice, Curry, Meatballs in canteen
Ja, I vill have ze pasta wiz ze curry. OK…
Bikes parked in daylight
A fairly busy time.
Red velomobile
Bike on stand being serviced
James looks into another gearing problem.
Light blue frame and front derailleur
Stiff shifting to the big ring, gunk in the cable duct. Lubed up and it was good enough.

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