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Here I intend to share whatever is on my mind and won’t fit into a Facebook status update.

I make no promises that my thoughts will be interesting, witty, frequent or even correctly spelt, but they will be mine.

A lot of this is written for my own benefit. The idea is that I’ll learn some lessons from documenting what I’ve done and any ideas I had which I thought I should set out, just so I don’t forget them. If other people find any of this interesting that’s great too.

2 thoughts on “About blog

  1. Geoff Pryce

    I enjoyed reading your experiences of the attending about the alpha course.
    The sheer fact that people on it would listen to what you had to say and were (hopefully) understanding of your world-view is encouraging, but there is always that end point where the ‘faith card’ as Daniel Dennett calls it, is pulled and the dialogue ceases.

    1. James Bradbury Post author

      Thanks Geoff. You’re right that faith is usually where the dialogue ends (or sometimes “God moves in mysterious ways.”) I know that any of us can become entrenched in our opinions and care more about maintaining our beliefs than discovering what is true. However the idea of faith actually encourages this and I pointed out in the post on faith how even the religious must admit that faith leads people astray more often than it leads them to the truth.


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